Rescue Horse Tails

May 11, 2018

By Carrie 

May, 11, 2018

Time, I never seem to have enough of it.

I really need more people to step up. We need to add Board Members!

Administrative, Fundraising, Volunteers, and so much more!

We have 4 horses in right now. They could use a photo shoot and training!

3 are not broke, but could be!

Bathing, Grooming, Leading, on line work, round pen work.

It will help them find homes!

   Rodney is Busy converting the old corn crib into a Barn! He is doing a great job. Hay room and feed room are done.

He sure could use a hand. This will make a huge difference having more stalls and work area.

  The Veterans Program is so important to us!  If you know a Veteran that would enjoy some Equine Therapy.. Let us know! We are planning camping trips, trail rides and just general one one time with the Veteran and a horse.

We have A Veteran Joining us Tank Anthony, that us a very talented singer. He will be out here and will be doing concerts and the local Legions.

    Growing pains stink, but we have to grow and help as many animals and people we can.

Please join us. Become a member and get involved! 

See you soon!!!